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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Toyota and Recall Issues in Virginia

Here in Charlottesville, Virginia, the local Toyota dealership is staying open longer and adding staff to handle the recall of many late model Toyota and Lexus brand cars. Mr Toyoda, the grandson of the car company's founder, has appeared before Congress to explain, and apologize for, the unexplained acceleration defects which have caused accidents, injuries, and several deaths. All of this leaves the owners and drivers of Toyotas in a quandry. Should you continue to drive your Toyota? To be on the safe side, you should have your vehicle serviced immediately. But will the recall service solve the problem? Several experts have stated that they do not believe that the proposed fix is the right one. They believe that we still do not know the cause of the problem, only the result. Such uncertainty is maddening and frustrating. But, only time will tell if one side or the other is right. Let us all hope that no one is injured in the future. The only possible benefit for Toyota drivers that I can think of is that if you are stopped for speeding, you might have a good defense.

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