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Sunday, February 28, 2010

If you hit a deer?

Right now, the roads around Charlottesville, Virginia, are littered with roadkill. Are there just too many deer or are we drivers not paying attention? Keeping a lookout for deer can help avoid such accidents. If you a deer does dart out in front of you, the experts suggest that you not swerve. Rather, you should apply the brakes and try to stop in your lane. If you hit the deer, do not approach it if you are not sure that it is dead. Then, contact your local game official or the VDOT for carcass removal. What if you hit a deer and your car is damaged and you also have a personal injury. Do you have a claim? The deer probably did not have insurance and its estate is likely worthless, just a hide and some bones. So what should you do? The first order of business is to locate your insurance policy? Most likely, your property damage is covered. You may even have applicable medical payments coverage. Unfortunately, insurance coverage often does not cover a personal injury resulting from a collision with a deer. For a policy review, we offer a free consultation. Don't wait until you hit a deer. Check your policy today.

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