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Monday, February 8, 2010

Choosing a personal injury lawyer

Recently, I read a couple of articles on the subject of choosing a personal injury lawyer. Some talk about 5 key factors, some list 10 important considerations and some just ramble on about not using the yellow pages. Here in Charlottesville, Virginia, as is also true in the Norfolk and Virginia Beach areas, several personal injury lawyers advertise on television. All the articles agree that picking your lawyer based on a thirty second tv ad is just plain crazy. Most of the ads are placed by larger personal injury firms and their financial success is based on a large volume of injury clients. So they have a large staff that works like a factory asssembly line in processing claims. Cases are handled by case managers who shift the case to a staff lawyer if it can't be settled quickly. The process can be very anonymous. All the articles agree that the one of the key factors in choosing a personal injury lawyer is to meet him and see if he has time to work on your case and to do a good job. in other words, will the lawyer give your case his personal attention. It seems to me that this factor is crucial becauseyou want to know if the lawyer will know who you are and to make sure he will be available when you need help. How else can a lawyer get the maximum value for your case?

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