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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Another Unnecessary Traffic Death

In Charlottesville, Virginia, the Daily Progress reports that a pickup truck ran a red light at a busy intersection and collided with another pickup truck. Sadly, the passenger of the struck vehicle died. Clearly, the death was unnecessary and it will probably be shown that either driver inattention or excessive speed were the reasons for the wreck. It is unfortunate that too many people forget the tremendous power of our cars and trucks and their capacity for death and destruction. I am about to begin teaching my second daughter how to drive and I know that she will be very focused and cautious as we start to drive. But, after a few years or even less, we all begin to relax and to feel comfortable driving, even while using a cell phone. Our confidence is misplaced and whenever we are driving, we should all be watching out for the other driver, the one wh is speeding or who is distracted for whatever reason. I don't think any of the personal injury clients I have represented would have chosen to be in a car wreck. No amount of money is going to take away the pain of an injury or make a permanent disability get better. So please be careful and watch out for the other driver, particularly with more bad weather on the way.

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