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Friday, February 12, 2010

School Budget Woes

School Board budgets across the state of Virginia are under pressure. Revenue shortfalls are causing massive cuts in school budgets at every level, including public universities. The University of Virginia is reporting that the state's contribution to its flagship institution is now less than the amount of the students' contribution by way of tuition. Every report tells us that more cuts are coming and we can expect larger classroom sizes, fewer programs and cutbacks in extracurricular activities. The long term effects of these cuts will result in more students getting a subpar education and a workforce that is poorly educated, not an attractive picture. It is, in fact, a disaster in the making. We all need to take action and make our concerns heard by our representatives at every level. The health of our economy and the health of our schools are connected. We cannot afford to let them both fail. So what does this rant have to do with personal injury law? Well, the health of our judicial system depends on a well educated populace. Do any of us really want a bunch of idiots serving as jurors, jurors who will judge your case and make decisions that will affect your life. Of course we don't. So pick up the phone and support education in Virginia.

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