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Thursday, February 10, 2011

Virginia Trial Lawyer Tools


“Tools of the trade” for a personal injury accident attorney are a must for full and fair jury verdicts.

Many people do not realize that a good personal injury accident attorney needs “tools” to take to court, just like a carpenter needs a hammer, saw, level, etc. to do his job. The well prepared personal injury accident attorney will have exhibits prepared well in advance. These exhibits will show the scene of the accident through the use of photographs, videos and when possible, aerial or Goggle Earth depictions. The attorney will also use x-rays, with an x-ray view box, medical illustrations, and medical models when the case calls for that use at trial. Through the use of these trial tools the injury and accident attorney can “take” the jury members to the scene and have them understand how the accident happened. With the medical “tools”, the injury and accident attorney can cause the jury to understand the nature of the injury and the serious nature of the injuries.

When all this is done properly, the accident and injury attorney can stand before a jury in a closing argument and ask that the jury award a full and fair monetary verdict for the injured party. Only then has the attorney made full use of his “tools of the trade”.

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