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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Is The Employer Responsible For an Accident Caused By The Employee


When a person suffers an injury by an employee, the question asked is can a recovery be made against the employer. This discussion answers that question.

For the discussion of employer responsibility for an employee’s negligent acts, the example will be used of a truck and auto accident. If a truck driver is working and commits a negligent act which injures a person in a car, can the person in the car take action against the employer? (Same for an employee striking a pedestrian).

To recover against the employer (usually owner of truck) it must first be proven that the employer had the right to control the employee and the employee’s means and methods of performing the work. It is then necessary to prove the employee acted in a negligent manner. The same as other cases involving a personal injury. It also must be proven that the employee was negligent while acting within the scope of his employment.

There are many different scenarios that come into play. But usually, an experienced personal injury accident attorney can prevail in a case once the above is proven. The general answer is yes, you can sue an employer when an employee commits a negligent act that causes injury to another person.

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