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Covering the state of Virginia, Wilson & Hajek, a personal injury law firm, is centrally located in Charlottesville, Virginia. Francis Hajek is an experienced Virginia personal injury attorney and lawyer who provides aggressive representation and personal service to his clients who have suffered injuries. Since 2007, he has been listed in Best Lawyers in America.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Virginia Truck Accidents

Virginia injury lawyers Wilson & Hajek represent persons with serious injuries and serious accidents. We offer no obligation discussions of your serious truck or car accidents and serious injuries, such as brain injuries, loss of life, or skeletal injuries.

Truck Accidents

The usual result of a truck and auto collision is the auto driver and passengers lose. The massive size of some of the tractor trailer trucks on our highways is intimidating and dangerous to drivers of cars. Just being beside one of these massive truck rigs on the highway makes an auto driver realize they have little or no chance of coming out on the winning end of a collision. Truck drivers at one time were considerate and courteous on the highways, now there are many truck drivers tailgating and making quick lane changes. If you are the victim of reckless driving tactics by the operator of a big truck, call Wilson & Hajek to discuss your case.

Choosing a Lawyer

Serious injuries that usually follow a truck and auto collision call for serious and experienced lawyers. Wilson & Hajek are experienced in dealing with the large insurance company claims department and their staff of lawyers. You need legal advice to make the playing field level between the big insurance company and a person injured in a truck/car accident. The initial contacts by the insurance companies start off with the insurance agent wanting a recorded statement. Do not do that. They know how the accident happened. They only want information to hurt your claim. Talk to a lawyer on your side at Wilson & Hajek. Protect yourself.

Serious Accidents and Injuries

The more serious a person is hurt following an auto/truck accident the more urgent it is for that person to seek legal advice. Whether it is the driver, a passenger, or the loved ones of a deceased killed in the accident, serious injuries call for serious actions to protect you and your loved ones. The lawyers at Wilson & Hajek have handled serious injuries for years, often obtaining jury verdicts or settlements over a million dollars. Each case turns on its own facts, but wouldn’t you like to have a lawyer who has the experience and knowledge of presenting cases which resulted in large verdicts?

Traumatic Brain Injury

Our firm has experience in representing injured persons who have suffered serious injuries such as quadriplegia, loss of limbs, brain injuries, debilitating neck and back injuries, and death. Francis Hajek of Wilson & Hajek had a verdict of $60,000,000.00 representing a brain injury victim. The case was settled with the defendant insisting that the amount not be revealed. Get your advice from lawyers experienced in serious injury cases.

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