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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Truck Accident Lawyers And Expertise in Truck Law


Trucking accidents have special circumstances, federal laws, regulations and state laws that differ from state to state. An attorney must understand this difference and act quickly to protect the person injured in a truck accident.

Trucking accidents often involve serious injuries. Between a car and a tractor trailer truck the car is usually the loser. Insurance companies usually send accident investigators to the accident scene in order to help the trucking company. They do this because the serious injuries such as brain injuries, neck and back injuries, amputations and paralysis or death lead to large settlements or verdicts when the injured person is assisted by a knowledgeable lawyer.

It is important to immediately hire a lawyer to gather evidence that will help the injured person(s). The lawyer will work quickly to gather evidence such as driver logs, driving histories, maintenance records, GPS receiver data from the truck and police accident reports. The lawyer or lawyer’s investigator will visit the scene to photograph all physical evidence, such as tire skid marks, tire rut marks, and damaged signs, poles, and guard rails. Trucking companies are required to keep this information for a very short time. An experienced lawyer will send a spoliation letter to require them to keep rather than destroy the evidence.

Semi-tractor truck accidents are different from auto-to-auto accidents. Trucking accidents result in serious injuries. Please contact Eddie Wilson or Francis Hajek at our Virginia Beach or Charlottesville, Virginia offices to protect your interests in an injury resulting from a trucking accident.

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