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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Virginia Brain Injury Cases

A victim with a serious brain injury is faced with enormous future health care costs. It usually takes the help of a lawyer to set future costs. The lawyer will gather professionals, such as a life care planner and economist, to project health care costs.

A serious brain injury victim presents a tragic situation which never ends for the victim and the victim’s family. A healthy individual involved in an accident causing serious brain injury can suddenly become an individual with serious physical and mental disabilities. The brain controls a person’s motor movements, emotions and impulses. A serious brain injury often changes an individual to the point that they require twenty-four hour care, will not be accepted by nursing homes and need care at specialized facilities with brain care units.

Unfortunately, if you suffer a serious brain injury to the point that nursing units will not accept you, there are virtually no facilities for the treatment of a serious brain injury in Virginia.

Following an accident causing a serious brain injury, the family should contact a lawyer. An experienced lawyer knows the obstacles that are ahead for the victim and the family. A lawyer can proceed against the person (insurance company) that caused the accident, and if the factual situation exists, even recover from the victim’s own insurance policy (under insurance). Serious brain injuries can be complicated cases with permanent injuries, future health care costs, and future loss of wages. A lawyer can gather professionals such as an economist and life care planner to determine future care costs and losses. A serious brain injury calls for immediate action by the victim, or the family, to hire an aggressive and experienced lawyer.

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