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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oh Joy

I have been in good spirits all week. Why, you ask? Well, the rest stops on Virginia interstate highways are reopening. Our new governor is fulfilling his populist promise to reopen all the rest stops that the prior administration closed because of budget shortfalls. And, he is going to pay for the reopening by spending money on business development. You may now have another question brewing in your mind. Why is this lawyer who has a blog about personal injury in Virginia writing about rest stops. The answer is simple. I travel across the state to see my clients who have been injured in Virgina and I like the rest stops. I can plan my coffee consumption so that a rest stop is always handy when I think I will need it. A side benefit is that fewer people will be speeding on the interstates to get to an exit that has a gas station equipped with restrooms, only to find that it is locked and the key has been lost. I also like writing about stuff other than personal injury law. So many of my colleagues have blogs that analyze the latest cases in excruciating detail and which are filled with the right "key" words for internet search engines. In this way they hope to get ranked at the top of the search engine results. Great. But, I am writing this blog to please myself and to give my Virginia personal injury clients a reason to smile (did you notice how I adroitly inserted a few "key" words).

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