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Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday in the office

The torrential rains of the night have passed and now we have blue skies in Charlottesville. A new car wreck client called me from the hospital this morning for advice. I could hear the sounds of the hospital in the background and so asked him if it was okay to talk. He was just waiting for the doctor and so wanted to know if he should tell the doctor about the damage to the car and how he had not done anything wrong. I could tell he was still panicked from the shock of the accident. My advice was to focus on getting his injuries taken care of by the doctor and then he could let the doctor know that he had not caused the accident. It seemed obvious but I appreciated the fact that he was shaken up and did not want to be blamed unjustly. It is always better to call first and get good advice in these situations. It also made me feel like I was helping him out in a bad time and that is why I am here. I like it when my clients feel free to call me and discuss their problems, that is why I became an injury lawyer.

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