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Friday, March 30, 2012

Asbestos Decision By Virginia Supreme Court

Our law firm handles asbestos disease cases, including mesothelioma cases. Thus, it was with great interest that we read the recent decision of the Virginia Supreme Court addressing the issue of what types of damages a sailor could recover in a wrongful death case where the death was caused by asbestos disease. The Court limited damages because the sailor's claim came under maritime law. And so the widow was only entitled to recover her pecuniary losses, such as loss of income support. The amount of the verdict for pain and suffering and other non-pecuniary damages was taken away by the Court.

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  2. Our law firm manages asbestos illness cases, such as asbestos cases. Thus, it was with good desire that we study the recent choice of the Virginia Better Court dealing with the matter of what types of loss a sailor could restore in a inappropriate death event.

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  3. The Judge limited injuries because the sailor's lay claim arrived under historic law. And so the widow was only eligible to restore her pecuniary failures, such as damage of income assist.

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