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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Update on I-64 Car Wrecks

Not one, not two, but four car accidents caused by sunlight. In a recent post, I noted that I had seen two car accidents on I-64 which appeared to have been caused by the glare of the early morning sun. A Daily Progress news article confirmed that the Albemarle County car accidents were caused by bright sun, but also reported that there were actually four separate accidents involving a total of eleven cars. I-64 was backed up for over two hours, all because of glare from the early morning sun. This type of extended car accident is not uncommon in Germany where high speed highways leave little time for driver reaction. A few years ago, I read about an accident involving over 40 cars on the autobahn where weather conditions were the cause which began the chain of events. Such "mass" car accidents are challenging for any personal injury lawyer given the causation questions. Fortunately, the I-64 accidents did not result in any fatalities. However, lives were disrupted and according to the news report, there were "minor" injuries. I think "minor" injuries are those injuries which happen to someone else. It is like surgery. It is "minor" if you are not the one who is going into the operating room to face the risks of the procedure and anesthesia. I doubt that we will hear any more about these car accidents and the injury victims. And yet, it is a valuable teaching moment for every driver who is in a hurry to get to work or some other appointment. Pay attention to the driving conditions, including the rising sun!

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