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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Car Wreck Results in Death

The Charlottesville Daily Progress reports today that a driver was killed and others were injured in a terrible car wreck on Dick Woods Road in Albemarle County. The road was shut down for 6 hours. The car accident struck a nerve because I live in a neighborhood that is located off of Dick Woods Road. Apparently, a driver was turning onto Dick Woods when he was t-boned by another car. The speed limit on Dick Woods Road changes at different points from 55 to 35 miles per hour, but the road is dangerous because it is only two lane and is full of curves and hills. I am currently teaching my 15 year old how to drive and one of the most challenging moments of our "learning" drives is the turn onto Dick Woods. It can be difficult to estimate the speed of oncoming traffic and sometimes even difficult to see. I always tell her that it is worth taking an extra second and waiting for the traffic to pass, and then double checking the road before making the turn. These simple precautions will help avoid any potential accidents. But, we all get in a hurry and sometimes don't take the care that we should. The Albemarle County police are still investigating the cause of the accident and so I will not speculate as to the cause of the accident, but I do hope that the police are able to determine what happened. In the meantime, our sympathy goes out to the injury victims and the family of the deceased. Driving is a hazardous enterprise, even in rural Albemarle County. By the way, I have yet to take my daughter into Charlottesville to get a taste of big city traffic, and I don't think we will be putting her behind the wheel in Virginia Beach any time soon. A little more experience is required before facing bumper to bumper traffic.

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