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Friday, July 30, 2010

Oddities Of Virginia Law - Part II

After a car accident has happened, you may be asked to give a statement to your insurance company of the other driver's insurance company. This situation can also arise after any injury where there is potential insurance coverage. Frequently, the insurance company will represent that it needs the statement in order to process or evaluate the claim and that it will not proceed without such a statement. Of course, the purpose of obtaining the statement is to see if there is any liability and a skilled insurance adjuster is trained to ask questions that will exonerate their insured from liability. The best response to a request for a statement is to just say no. But, most of the time, statements are provided and it is up to the lawyer to find out what was said. Fortunately, Virginia law requires that a copy of the statement be provided to you or your attorney within thirty days of a request for that statement. This protection is found in Virginia Code Section 8.01-417. This code provision prevents insurance companies from taking advantage of people by making sure that any statements which you provide are available to you.

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